Construction-Civil works

Civil works

We understand that each project comes with its own set of unique circumstances and challenges, and so we build a custom approach that will meet our customer’s needs and deliver the best value.

IKAS offers a highly experienced design and build team for the construction of structures.  We are leading the way in the construction industry through offering innovative solutions for civil work.

A- For Corporates (Following the Egyptian code for building and construction)

  • Interior design

We made our name rethinking interior design to include every aspect of transforming spaces, to ensure that every inch of your building/office is efficiently used. We also design with your brand, needs and budget as our top priorities.

  • Partitions

The most convenient way to create privacy and separation between your workstations as well as create an elegant professional look for your office.

  • Low current works

Our team executes all the low current works needed for your building/office with precision and the highest quality to ensure that it lasts and reduce maintenance needed.

B- For Residential Areas

  • Interior design

As designers, we listen carefully to our clients to fully understand their vision and turn it into an experience, and as engineers we execute with your vision in mind.

  • Low current works

Our work is done to provide you with comfort, quality and a lifetime free of any reworks, with our team’s expertise in low current work for your residence.

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